Impact of COVID-19 on Commonwealth Countries

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Research on the impact of COVID-19 on Commonwealth trade and economic development.

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ITWP 2021/11 cover
International Trade Working Paper 2021/11

Harnessing Maritime Trade for Post-COVID Recovery and Resilience-Building in the Commonwealth

Ganeshan Wignaraja, Brendan Vickers, Salamat Ali
31 August 2021
THT 176 cover
Trade Hot Topic, no. 176

Strengthening Caribbean-EU Economic and Trade Relations Post-COVID

Kimonique Powell
26 August 2021
THT 175 cover
Trade Hot Topic, no. 175

Food Security During Times of Crisis: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Collin Zhuawu
3 August 2021
ITWP 2021/09 cover
International Trade Working Paper 2021/09

Sustainable Economic Recovery after COVID-19: Committing to International Co-operation, Trade and Investment

Markus Gehring, Freedom-Kai Phillips, Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger
2 August 2021
ITWP 2021/08 cover
International Trade Working Paper 2021/08

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global and Intra- Commonwealth Trade in Goods

Sangeeta Khorana, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, Salamat Ali
7 July 2021
ITWP 2021/07 cover
International Trade Working Paper 2021/07

WTO Negotiations on Domestic Regulation: Considerations for Commonwealth Small States in the Context of COVID-19

Kim Kampel, R V Anuradha
29 June 2021
Small States Matters 2021/03

Unravelling the COVID-19 Remittances Puzzle

Tamara Mughogho
29 May 2021
TCBP 2021/01 cover
Trade Competitiveness Briefing Paper 2021/01

The Digital Infrastructure Divide in the Commonwealth

Radika Kumar, Niels Strazdins
26 May 2021
International Trade Working Paper 2021/02

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Merchandise Trade in Commonwealth Countries

Hubert Escaith, Sangeeta Khorana
7 May 2021
ITWP 2021/03 cover
International Trade Working Paper 2021/03

Services Trade of Commonwealth Member Countries: Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ben Shepherd, Anirudh Shingal
7 May 2021
ITWP 2021/05 - cover
International Trade Working Paper 2021/04

Digital Trade for Post-COVID Recovery and Resilience in the Commonwealth

Karishma Banga, Sherillyn Raga
7 May 2021
SSM 2021/01 cover
Small States Matters 2021/01

Impact and Recovery from COVID-19 for Commonwealth Small States

Commonwealth Secretarait
18 February 2021
THT 172 cover
Trade Hot Topics no. 172

The Great Race: Ensuring Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

Brendan Vickers, Salamat Ali, Neil Balchin, Collin Zhuawu, Hilary Enos-Edu, Kimonique Powell
18 February 2021
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