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The Discussion Paper series raises awareness of topics that are of importance to Commonwealth work programmes. Discussion Papers explore an issue relating to research or programme activities and provoke debate on it. The intended readership is researchers and policy advisers.

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Discussion Paper no. 25

Financing for Youth Development

Commonwealth Secretariat
1 May 2018
Discussion Paper no. 24

Can a Global Oil Royalty Help to Limit Climate Change?

Daniel Wilde, Roz Price
8 August 2017
Discussion Paper no. 20

Policy Options and Low International Oil Prices: An Assessment for Commonwealth Countries

Travis Mitchell, Sanjana Zaman
22 April 2016
Discussion Paper no. 19

Debt Swaps for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: A Commonwealth Proposal

Travis Mitchell
23 February 2015
Discussion Paper no. 18

Addressing the Financing and Debt Challenges of Commonwealth Small States

Travis Mitchell
23 February 2015
Discussion Paper no. 17

Commonwealth Perspectives on OECD-DAC Post-2015 Statistical Reform

Travis Mitchell
1 January 2015
Discussion Paper no. 16

MDGs Progress and Post-MDGs Priorities in the Commonwealth

Anit N. Mukherjee
16 November 2013
Discussion Paper no. 15

Enhancing Services Trade: The Role of Government

Mark Hellyer
18 June 2013
Discussion Paper no. 12

Agricultural Trade and Human Rights

José Maurel
30 November 2011
Discussion Paper no. 11

Tax, Governance and Development

Max Everest-Phillips
30 July 2011
Discussion Paper no. 10

Alternative Service Delivery Revisited

John Wilkins
15 March 2011
Discussion Paper no. 9

The Global Financial Crisis and Local Government

Andrew Nickson
1 September 2010
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