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Small States Matters focuses on the opportunities and challenges faced by small states in the global economy. Topics cover international finance and capital markets, international trade, the environment, natural disasters, macroeconomic management, and economic and social development. The Commonwealth defines small states as member countries with a population size of 1.5 million people or less. Larger countries – Botswana, Jamaica, Lesotho, Namibia and Papua New Guinea – are designated as small states because they share many characteristics of small states. Thirty-one of the 54 member countries of the Commonwealth are small states. Continues: Small States Digest

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Small States Matters 2021/04 cover
Small States Matters 2021/04

Central Bank Digital Currencies: Big Tech in Small States

Heather Cover-Kus
1 September 2021
Small States Matters 2022/01

Debt Swaps: Go Big or Go Home - the View of the Borrower

Nadia Spencer-Henry
4 August 2022
Small States Matters 2021/02 cover
Small States Matters 2021/02

Debt Transparency and Data Quality in the Caribbean

Michele Robinson
29 March 2021
Small States Matters 2019/02

Digital Transformation: Enhancing Economic Development in Small States

J. P. Fabri, Stephanie Fabri
30 December 2019
SSM 2021/01 cover
Small States Matters 2021/01

Impact and Recovery from COVID-19 for Commonwealth Small States

Commonwealth Secretariat
18 February 2021
Small States Matters 2020/01

Pacific Small Island Developing States and Climate Change Migration

Devyn Holliday
4 April 2020
Small States Matters 2021/03

Unravelling the COVID-19 Remittances Puzzle

Tamara Mughogho
29 May 2021