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The Commonwealth Secretariat’s demand-driven education programme reflects the mandates and priorities of education ministers, the values and principles of the Commonwealth Charter and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Through policy advocacy, technical assistance including toolkits and frameworks, and its strategic partnerships, the Secretariat works closely with member countries and partners to strengthen education systems and policies across the Commonwealth.

In its education projects and initiatives, the Secretariat looks to ensure that all Commonwealth learners can benefit from equitable and inclusive access to quality education.

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Commonwealth Education Policy Framework 2nd Edn

Commonwealth Secretariat
9 November 2022

Commonwealth Educational Leadership Handbook

Amina Osman, Paul Miller
25 July 2022

Community Health Education in Commonwealth countries

Gill Walt, Pamela Constantinides
1 January 1983

Costing Distance Education

Greville Rumble
1 January 1986
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