Commonwealth Sustainable Energy Transition Series

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The Commonwealth Sustainable Energy Transition (CSET) Agenda encourages and promotes collaboration among Commonwealth member countries in the transition to sustainable energy systems and action towards the achievement of the SDGs.  It is anchored on the following three key pillars drawn from the agreed outcomes of the inaugural CSET Forum in June 2019 and leverages existing programmes of the Commonwealth Secretariat:

• Inclusive Transitions: advocating equitable and inclusive measures for energy transitions that recognise and address impacts on economies, communities and industries.
• Technology: propagating advances in technology solutions and innovations as well as research and development for sustainable energy systems.
• Enabling Frameworks: supporting the development of enabling frameworks, including policy, laws, regulations, standards and governance institutions for accelerating energy transitions.

For more information, contact the Series Editors: Alache Fisho ([email protected]),
Legal Adviser, and Victor Kitange ([email protected]), Economic Adviser, Trade,
Oceans and Natural Resources Directorate, Commonwealth Secretariat.

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Inclusive Energy Transition

Raphael J Heffron
16 March 2021