The Impact of COVID-19 on Education Systems in the Commonwealth


Amina Osman
James Keevy


The Commonwealth Secretariat commissioned 11 papers to provide baseline information on how COVID-19 has impacted education systems in Commonwealth member countries. The papers have been edited and restructured so that they are now similar in length and arrangement, with the results collected into 11 chapters under four sections.

Each chapter features a research study, with data gathered using a combination of a literature review and online interviews or surveys. The chapters provide some background and context to the research, study methodology, and summarised findings. The researchers then discuss their findings and offer recommended solutions to the pressures and challenges being experienced because of the pandemic.

This summary is followed by an introduction to the research project that led to the Commonwealth Secretariat commissioning the 11 papers that make up the chapters of this report. There is also a brief section on research methods, given that these were often similar across the research.



30 March 2022