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The Commonwealth gives high priority to supporting the integration of small states in the global economy. Our books include ground-breaking research and policy advice on how small states can build their resilience and competitiveness, so they can take advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges arising from globalisation. 

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Small States Matters 2023/01

Strengthening Resilience in Commonwealth Small States: Economic Diversification and Climate Adaptation as Key Drivers

James Gregory, Olajide Oyadeyi, Attila Shaaran
15 November 2023

Small States Economic Review and Basic Statistics #21

Tamara Mughogho, Sophie Brain, Devyn Holliday
16 June 2022
Small States Matters 2022/02

Progress Report of the 2018 Commonwealth Ministerial Meeting of Small States

Commonwealth Secretariat
7 June 2022
Small States Matters 2021/04 cover
Small States Matters 2021/04

Central Bank Digital Currencies: Big Tech in Small States

Heather Cover-Kus
1 September 2021
Small States Matters 2021/03

Unravelling the COVID-19 Remittances Puzzle

Tamara Mughogho
29 May 2021
Small States Matters 2021/02 cover
Small States Matters 2021/02

Debt Transparency and Data Quality in the Caribbean

Michele Robinson
29 March 2021
SSM 2021/01 cover
Small States Matters 2021/01

Impact and Recovery from COVID-19 for Commonwealth Small States

Commonwealth Secretariat
18 February 2021
ITWP 2021/01 cover
International Trade Working Paper 2021/01

Plastic Production and Trade in Small States and SIDS: The Shift Towards a Circular Economy

Diana Barrowclough, David Vivas Eugui
18 February 2021

Strengthening Disaster Resilience in Small States: Commonwealth Perspectives

Wonderful Hope Khonje, Dale Schilling, Siddier Chambers, Isotta Rossoni, Roberta Lepre, Gina Bonne, John Laing Roberts, Nirmal Kumar Betchoo, Barbara Carby, Stephanie Fabri, J. P. Fabri, Christopher Sandland, Alastair Marke, Ashveen Kissoonah, Roopesh Kevin Sungkur, Ankie Scott-Joseph, Jacqueline Spence, Markus Enenkel, Denyse Dookie, Mathias Leidig, Richard Teeuw, Travis Mitchell
7 October 2019
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