PACER Plus Implementation: A Development Opportunity for Commonwealth FICs


Collin Zhuawu


The potential for trade-led sustainable development in most Forum Island Countries (FICs) in the Pacific remains largely untapped. These countries experience several challenges to trade, such as a lack of economies of scale, low levels of foreign direct investment (FDI), inadequate and under developed infrastructure, high costs of doing business and a host of other supply-side contraints. Recent changes in the global economic and trading landscape, including growing trade tensions and protectionism, growth in mega regional trade arrangements, and the rapid advancement in technology have created an additional layer of challenges, producing further impediments for these countries to trade.

This paper provides an analysis of the possible opportunities for FICs presented by the PACER Plus Agreement and argues for the implementation of the Agreement for FICs to take adavantage of these benefits.



13 December 2021

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