Commonwealth Educational Leadership Handbook


Amina Osman
Paul Miller


Commonwealth Education Ministers and stakeholders have consistently stressed the need to improve school leadership given
the impact that it can have on school performance and learning outcomes.

In 2018, at the 20th Commonwealth Conference of Education Ministers (20CCEM), ministers acknowledged that good governance
and effective educational management practices are central to realising equitable access to quality education. Ministers agreed
that high-quality teaching is a priority, and that the Member States should focus on how teachers and school leaders are trained,
recruited and motivated and how the profession is governed. Effective and knowledgeable leaders and managers are essential
throughout all areas of school management practice because they have an impact on the learning outcomes of children, young
people, families and the wider community.

This handbook is a practical, immediate response to expressed needs in school leadership development. It aims to support
efforts to integrate school leadership development in the professional development of the education work force, including
through reflective practice and conversations about professional development and personal growth.



25 July 2022