International Transit Scheme to Improve Trading Environment across the East African Community


Sujeevan Perera


By reducing the time and costs of trading, integrated transit mechanisms are important for boosting trade and enhancing competitiveness in landlocked countries. The net impact of reductions in trade costs – including through transit facilitation – on households, firms and governments, can be positive depending on how complementary investments and regulations are at the national and regional levels. The adoption of the Transports Internationaux Routiers (TIR) system is one viable option to facilitate trade in the East African Community, particularly by increasing transparency in trade facilitation. This issue of Trade Express examines the technical assistance from the Commonwealth Secretariat, provided at the request of the Export Promotion Council of Kenya to develop a strategic action plan to institutionalise the Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets, an international transit system.



10 June 2016

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