Making Small Practical: The Organisation and Management of Ministries of Education in Small States


Mark Bray


How should one organise a ministry of education which has only a small group of professional staff? Officers must become multifunctional; but what tasks should be grouped together, and how? What styles of management are needed for the highly personalised nature of small states, in which individuals have multiple out-of-work relationships as well as formal in-work ones? What arrangements can be made for career paths in a small organisation? And how can small ministries best manage the demands of regional and international linkages?

These are among the questions addressed in this book. It is the product of a pan-Commonwealth project in which officers from small ministries contributed practical insights. Experiences have been distilled and analysed, and are presented in a lively and readable format for both administrators and trainers.

The companion study, Ministries of Education in Small States: Case Studies of Organisation and Management, contains 14 case studies in a country by country format.




1 January 1991