Sustainable Production and Trade: Perspectives from the Commonwealth


Commonwealth Secretariat


Sustainable production and trade are essential for the future of our planet as they provide critical pathways towards achieving long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability. The Commonwealth recognises that the challenges of climate change, loss of biodiversity and resource depletion require urgent action. For over three decades, the Commonwealth has been at the forefront of global sustainability efforts, leading the way and advocating for change.

This book analyses sustainable production and trade practices in four key sectors: cocoa, fisheries, forestry, and textiles and garments. It seeks to shed light on the commendable sustainable practices employed by Commonwealth countries in these sectors, while also highlighting the challenges they face and the potential to make production and trade more sustainable in the future. A central message throughout the book is the need to prioritise support to small-scale producers, indigenous peoples and local communities, women and youths, and small and medium enterprises to help achieve these goals while improving their livelihoods.




31 May 2023