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The concerns of developing country exporters, that eco-labelling schemes could be a disguised form of protectionist trade policy used to support domestic industries in the countries that implement them, could emanate from the fact that there is no...
Provides the empirical evidence of the effects of preference erosion for the Caribbean rum sector. It shows that if the EU agrees a free trade agreement (FTA) with Central America, Peru, Colombia and the Mercosur trading bloc, Caribbean rum exports...
This issue of Commonwealth Trade Hot Topics argues that SVEs have three interrelated reasons for an ambitious outcome at the Rio+20 conference and the most important but often overlooked reasons relate to trade. First, SVEs are affected...
The definition of social protection and what it might encompass is currently a contested space for ‘framing’ the debate and practice. Who is making the decisions about its nature and the responses? Who controls what ‘social protection’ means?This...
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