• 15 Jul 2014
  • Commonwealth Observer Group
  • Pages: 48
The report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for Maldives parliamentary election held on 22 March 2014. The Group was chaired by Bruce Golding, the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, and was comprised of 7 members in total. The Commonwealth Observer ...
The report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for Maldives’s presidential election held on 7 September, the re-run election held on 9 November, and the run-off election held on 16 November 2013. The Group was chaired by Dr Lawrence Gonzi, former ...
Maldives has undertaken substantive constitutional and democratic reform over the past decade. The 2014 parliamentary election represents a further step in Maldives’ consolidation of its transition to multi-party democracy.
In total, 302 candidates contested 85 seats in the People’s Majlis elections, with 188 candidates representing a political party, and 114 independent candidates contesting in 61 constituencies. The six parties fielding candidates in the election were...
Members of the People’s Majlis are elected for a five-year term in single mandate constituencies through a ‘first past the post’ system. Under article 71(b) of the constitution, Maldives is divided into 20 administrative atolls plus Malé, making a...
Following an invitation from the chair of the Elections Commission of Maldives (EC), the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Kamalesh Sharma, constituted an observer group for the Majlis (parliamentary) elections of 22 March 2014.
As the second People’s Majlis election held under a multi-party democratic framework, the 22 March election represented a further step forward in Maldives’ democratic consolidation.
The 2014 Majlis (parliamentary) elections took place on 22 March. Polling was scheduled to take place from 08.00 to 16.00 hours in 473 polling stations in 85 constituencies.
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