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image of Cybersecurity for Elections

Cybersecurity for Elections

Since the 1990s, Internet-connected devices have become an integral part of day-to-day life for many in the Commonwealth, including for election-related activities. However, during each phase of contemporary elections, the direct and indirect use of...
image of Blue Biotechnology

Blue Biotechnology

The Commonwealth Blue Economy series aims to support the development of the blue economy in Commonwealth member countries by providing a high-level assessment of the opportunities available for economic diversification and sustainable growth in small...
image of Digitalising Trade Facilitation Implementation

Digitalising Trade Facilitation Implementation

This issue of Trade Hot Topics argues that effective trade facilitation reform can be accomplished through institutional adoption of digital technologies and by learning best practices from leading Commonwealth members. Countries such as Singapore...
image of Trade in COVID-19-Related Medical Goods

Trade in COVID-19-Related Medical Goods

This issue of Trade Hot Topics provides an overview of the trade in COVID-19 medical goods by Commonwealth member countries. It maps medical supply chains in the Commonwealth during 2017-2018, prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, and examines some...

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