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image of Future Fragmentation Processes

Future Fragmentation Processes

Leveraging the power of trade to expand formal employment opportunities, generate greater value addition, assist diversification processes and develop productive capabilities is an aspiration of all Commonwealth governments. These objectives were...
image of Aquaculture


The Commonwealth Blue Economy Series aims to support the development of the blue economy in Commonwealth member countries by providing a high-level assessment of the opportunities available for economic diversification and sustainable growth in small...
image of Creative Industries in the Digital Economy

Creative Industries in the Digital Economy

This issue of Commonwealth Trade Hot Topics focuses on priorities for Commonwealth co-ordination of regulations and business support for creative industries in the digital economy as a strategy for mitigating the impact of the digital divide on small...
image of Blockchain - A New Opportunity for Strengthening Trade in the Commonwealth

Blockchain - A New Opportunity for Strengthening Trade in the Commonwealth

This issue of the Commonwealth Trade Hot Topics provides a brief overview of blockchain technologies, seeking to separate the hype from the reality for Commonwealth member countries and clarify the risks and opportunities to consider when making...

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