Quantifying the Barriers to Services Trade in the Commonwealth

A Focus on Kenya and Rwanda

Major data limitations arise within the realm of assessing services trade restrictiveness measures among Commonwealth countries, many of which overwhelmingly depend on this sector for growth and jobs. ‘Quantifying the Barriers to Services Trade in the Commonwealth’ focuses on addressing policy barriers within services sectors in Kenya and Rwanda, including commercial banking, distribution and road transportation, which are key enablers of trade. First, it demonstrates the feasibility of collecting rigorous, internationally comparable data on policies affecting services trade, in low-income Commonwealth countries. Second, it shows that the data and indices are fully comparable with existing OECD data on 44 developed and emerging economies. Third, the study intends to spur research on trade in services in Commonwealth developing countries, and in particular in Kenya and Rwanda, not only by providing hard data that can be used in quantitative work but also by raising issues of substance and methodology that deserve further investigation.