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Connectivity and ICT in the Pacific

This edition of Small States Digest evaluates the key ICT challenges that the nine Commonwealth Pacific small states faces, as well as the regional and national responses to these challenges. It draws out some of the key gaps and opportunities in the...
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The Changing Global Trade Architecture

This issue of Commonwealth Trade Hot Topics explores questions around the changing global trading architecture over the past 15 years. It examines how these changes have impacted on Africa’s economic development and the nature of trading relations...
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Dynamic Trade Policy for Small Island Developing States

Small island developing states (SIDS) have common economic challenges and are faced with high costs for energy, infrastructure, transportation, trade logistics and public administration. These challenges are increasingly undergirded by new concerns...
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International Transit Scheme to Improve Trading Environment across the East African Community

By reducing the time and costs of trading, integrated transit mechanisms are important for boosting trade and enhancing competitiveness in landlocked countries. The net impact of reductions in trade costs – including through transit facilitation – on...
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