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  • 01 Jan 2001
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 186
The CYCI Toolkit is an innovative publication which will help governments, development agencies and NGOs to implement micro-credit programmes modelled on the Commonwealth Youth Credit Initiative. Its structure is sufficiently flexible to meet the...
  • 08 Jul 2019
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 128
This publication provides a comprehensive framework – complimentary to those based on needs and justice – to assess the economic cost of VAWG. It applies an economy-wide modelling approach that enables governments to capture important linkages and...
  • 06 Dec 2013
  • Farah Deeba Chowdhury, Margaret Wilson, Colleen Lowe Morna, Mukayi Makaya Magarangom
  • Pages: 90
Women’s minimal leadership role in national and local political spheres remains a serious concern worldwide. The Commonwealth Gender Plan of Action for Gender Equality 2005–2015 calls on governments to introduce measures to promote at least 30 per ...
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