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  • 06 Dec 2013
  • Farah Deeba Chowdhury, Margaret Wilson, Colleen Lowe Morna, Mukayi Makaya Magarangom
  • Pages: 90
Women’s minimal leadership role in national and local political spheres remains a serious concern worldwide. The Commonwealth Gender Plan of Action for Gender Equality 2005–2015 calls on governments to introduce measures to promote at least 30 per ...
  • 17 Oct 2013
  • Marilyn Waring, Anit N. Mukherjee, Elizabeth Reid, Meena Shivdas
  • Pages: 120
The social protection landscape is currently characterised by competing discourses and agendas, given that bilaterals, multilaterals and private funders have different targets and have differing constituents whose lives they seek to improve. Critical...
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