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Small States

Small States: Economic Review and Basic Statistics is a flagship publication of the Commonwealth Secretariat highlighting the development indicators of small states and disseminating knowledge on their economic performance.The Secretariat has...
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A Sustainable Future for Small States

A Sustainable Future for Small States: Pacific 2050 is part of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s regional strategic foresight programme that examines whether current development strategies set a region on a path to achieve sustainable development by...
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Small Vulnerable Economies’ Fisheries – Initial Thoughts

The discussion on improving disciplines on fisheries subsidies and making a contribution towards sustainable fishing and managing global fisheries has been ongoing at the World Trade Organization (WTO) since the WTO Doha Ministerial Conference held...
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Can a Global Oil Royalty Help to Limit Climate Change?

This paper discusses whether a global oil royalty could help to limit climate change. It starts by summarising the Paris Agreement and by discussing whether the world is currently on course to achieve its goal of limiting the increase in global...

Thematic video on Environment

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