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image of Commonwealth Trade Review 2018

Commonwealth Trade Review 2018

Deepening intra-Commonwealth trade and investment – and using these opportunities to empower women and young people as entrepreneurs – can help drive economic growth, create jobs and increase the prosperity of Commonwealth citizens. The theme of...
image of Small States

Small States

Small States: Economic Review and Basic Statistics is a flagship publication of the Commonwealth Secretariat highlighting the development indicators of small states and disseminating knowledge on their economic performance.The Secretariat has...
image of Graduating from LDC Status

Graduating from LDC Status

The withdrawal of international support measures raises sustainability concerns among countries graduating from the category of least developed countries (LDCs). Despite care taken to ensure a smooth transition, these concerns are rife, especially...
image of Global Trade Turmoil

Global Trade Turmoil

This paper provides a rapid assessment of several major emerging trends in international trade with the objective of better appreciating their implications for the world's poorest, smallest and most vulnerable economies, such as least developed...

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