Table of Contents

  • This is the twelfth issue of this annual publication, which was previously published under the title Basic Statistical Data on Selected Countries (with populations of less than 5 million). It is intended as an essential reference tool for economists and policy-makers in small states and for their development partners. It also provides a useful resource for analysts from research and academic institutions, and is a unique source of information on small states.

  • This chapter examines the economic performance of Commonwealth small states in 2006. In the first section, the three key macroeconomic variables - gross domestic product (GDP), inflation and employment - are analysed to determine the trends in these variables and the factors that influenced their movement. The second section reviews the external performance of small states so as to gauge their economic relations with the rest of the world.

  • This article establishes a number of stylised facts about the dynamics of growth and macroeconomic fluctuations of small states arising out of their well-recognised vulnerability, defined as proneness to exogenous shocks. It is shown that, on average, small vulnerable states show no tendency towards underdevelopment, but they exhibit greater dispersions in per capita incomes from the crosssectional perspective and over time. Small vulnerable economies tend to devote a larger share of their expenditure to investment, but this does not lead to higher rates of economic growth.

  • It has long been recognised that the sustainable supply of energy services is an imperative which delineates the viable developmental options available to any sovereign island nation as it caters for current and future generations. Energy services - the appropriate use of energy to achieve desired productive outputs - plays a crucial role in facilitating the implementation of nation-specific options in all the regions which include small island developing states (the Caribbean, Pacific, African and Indian Ocean regions).

  • The set of statistical tables that follows is the twelfth of the annual issue previously published under the title Basic Statistical Data on Selected Countries (with populations of less than 5 million). It brings together 54 tables, setting out basic data on country size together with the latest information on selected economic and social development indicators, as well as characteristics of the major sectors of small economies. It is hoped that these data will form a useful supplement to those available from other sources on larger countries.