The State of the Digital Economy in the Commonwealth

image of The State of the Digital Economy in the Commonwealth
The Fourth Industrial Revolution presents significant opportunities and challenges for the Commonwealth. It has the potential to provide a significant source of new growth for all Commonwealth economies. However, because Commonwealth countries are at different stages in their economic, social and technological development, it will require innovative approaches to both policy and policy-making to narrow the digital divide, overcome the challenges and take advantage of this new age.

This first volume in the Commonwealth Connectivity Series explores some of the issues facing policy-makers in the Commonwealth. It provides policy recommendations that Commonwealth members can use to address the challenges and realise the benefits of the digital age.



Digital Skills and the Future of Work

This chapter covers changes in employment patterns and shifts in resource allocation across Commonwealth countries as a result of digitalisation and technological disruptions. It finds that the Commonwealth is currently lagging behind in terms of basic digital skills. It underlines the importance of both digital and soft skills for increasing the competitiveness of the workforce in Commonwealth member states, and suggests that closing the digital skills gap can enable Commonwealth member states to fully realise the benefits of the digital economy. This indicates that there is an urgent need to develop ICT-focused skills within education systems and to re-orient technical and vocational educational training and standard-setting bodies to focus more on the development of digital and soft skills.


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