SME Exports and Public Policies in Mauritius

image of SME Exports and Public Policies in Mauritius

The book also includes three articles focusing on trade in services: ‘Postcrisis Growth in Small States: The Role of Trade in Knowledgebased Services’ by Dirk Willem te Velde, ‘Exporting Health and Wellness: Prospects and Issues for Small States’ by Estella Aryada, and ‘Propoor Tourism Interventions through the Creation of Agrotourism Linkages’ by Chanda Chella. Dirk Willem te Velde currently works at the ODI as the Director of Programmes in the International Economic Development Group. Ms Aryada and Ms Chella are Trade Advisers in the Special Advisory Services Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat.



Small Firms in International Markets

This chapter examines the recent export performance of SMEs in the manufacturing sector in Mauritius as a background to the study. It examines the following: (a) past achievements and the current climate for manufactured exports; (b) the magnitude of the SME and micro-enterprise population in manufacturing; and (c) the manufactured export performance of SMEs in the EPZ and non-EPZ sectors (where possible relative to large firms). This study defines SMEs as enterprises with 10-49 employees and micro-enterprises as those with less than 10 employees.


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