Preshipment Inspection

Past Experiences and Future Directions

image of Preshipment Inspection

Over 40 developing countries use the services of preshipment inspection companies for verification of prices prior to exporting. The objective in using these companies is to assist customs administrations in the detection of under or overvaluation. Analysts are divided, however, on the desirability of using these services. This study presents the results of a seminar arranged by the Commonwealth Secretariat in cooperation with the Secretariat of the World Trade Organization, which provided an opportunity for the free exchange of views on using preshipment inspection services. The book describes the experience of developing countries, examines the differing viewpoints and offers suggestions as to how developing countries can maximise returns from using preshipment inspection services.



Independent Review Entity

The seminar noted that IRE constituted an important departure from the basic principles on which the dispute settlement procedures of the WTO were based. While under the dispute settlement procedures, complaints could be brought to WTO only by member governments and private parties were not allowed to make complaints, under the provisions of the PSI Agreement, complaints could be made to the IRE both by exporting enterprises and the PSI companies. The disputes brought by private parties were to be settled by a panel consisting of three experts, one each to be nominated by IFIA (representing interests of PSI companies), ICC (representing interests of exporting enterprises) and the WTO.


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