Commonwealth Trade Policy Discussion Papers

The Commonwealth Trade Policy Discussion Papers series promptly documents and disseminates reviews, analytical work and think-pieces to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to stimulate debates and discussions on issues that are of interest to developing countries in general and Commonwealth members in particular. The issues considered in the papers may be evolving in nature, leading to further work and refinement at a later stage.


India–Pakistan Economic Co-operation

Implications for Regional Integration in South Asia

The trade relationship between India and Pakistan is considered to be one of the most important determinants of the South Asian regional integration initiative. There have been several initiatives taken by India and Pakistan for strengthening bilateral relations, of which Pakistan’s recent decision to offer India most favoured nation (MFN) status is of great importance to the two countries and the region. This paper presents a comprehensive assessment of India–Pakistan trade relations, analysing the modalities of co-operation, and providing simulation results of potential economic benefits to both countries and to the South Asian region. The results show that exchange of MFN status leads to welfare and trade gains, and, when combined with improved trade facilitation measures, such gains become even more substantial.


Keywords: trade facilitation, developing countries, trade, regional integration
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