Guidelines for Exporters of Cut Flowers to the German Market

image of Guidelines for Exporters of Cut Flowers to the German Market
This booklet is the sixth in a series of practical handbooks designed to provide practical guidelines on exporting for producers. The handbook provides the exporter with basic information requirements on the German market and identifies where more detailed data can be obtained.

These guidelines address basic questions which exporters of cut flowers and ornamental foliage will need answered before they try to venture into the difficult and demanding German market.



The Nature and Structure of the Market

The German market appears very attractive to most exporters. It is by far the largest market in the world for imported cut flowers and ornamental foliage, and imports about 80% of its reqirements. The consumers are amongst the most wealthy in Europe with a per capita spending on floricultural products of about DM 150 per year (before the reunification).


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