Guidelines for Exporters of Cut Flowers to the European Market

A practical, accessible handbook for everyone interested in supplying cut flowers to the EU. The book is divided into four sections. Section 1 deals with the fifteen EU member states and Switzerland. It looks at what the markets have in common, and their differences. Six major markets are covered in detail. Section 2 features production, postharvest handling and markets for the following selected products which offer potential for Commonwealth exporters: alstroemeria, carnations, eustoma, gypsophila, roses, zanthedeschia, bulbs and corms, summer flowers, orchids, tropical exotic flowers and foliage. Section 3 presents concise specialist articles on topics common to all markets and products: marketing, new product formulations, air freight and handling, audit and traceability, pack houses, crop and product development trials. Section 4 gives details of regulations, standards, contacts and trade fairs.