Gender and Trade Action Guide

A Training Resource

image of Gender and Trade Action Guide
The links between gender, trade and development are increasingly being recognised. Developed out of a series of regional workshops, this Action Guide explores the different impacts of trade on women and men; provides practical tools on how to take advantage of the opportunities trade can offer to further development, alleviate poverty and promote gender equality; and suggests ways to get gender onto the international trade agenda.

The Action Guide is flexible and can be used by trainers or for self-study. It includes case studies, activities, training suggestions and recommended readings and can be used as a basic introduction or as a resource to develop capacity building for others. It will enable people to take action and apply what is learned to their own context and requirements.

Aimed at a broad spectrum of people coming at the issues from many different angles of trade or gender – government officers in relevant trade sectors, gender specialists, NGOs, regional trade policy advisers and more – it is intended particularly for people who are responsible for capacity building and bringing about change, for example through training, briefing or lobbying.



The trade policy environment

This unit provides an overview of the trade policy environment - the social, political and economic context in which global trade takes place - and the broad gender impacts.


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