Flow of Intra-Commonwealth Aid 1971

Report by the Commonwealth Secretary-General

image of Flow of Intra-Commonwealth Aid 1971



Summary of Commonwealth Flows of Aid

Commonwealth countries take part either as suppliers or recipients in many assistance programmes, some of which are intra- Commonwealth while others involve co-operation with non-Commonwealth or the U.N. and its agencies. The purely intra-Commonwealth programmes include the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation, the Special Commonwealth African Assistance Plan (SCAAP), the Commonwealth Caribbean Assistance Programme, the various schemes for Commonwealth Education Co-operation, the Overseas Service Aid and similar schemes, and the Australian South Pacific Aid Programme. Certain Commonwealth countries are associated with non-Commonwealth countries in such programmes as the Colombo Plan, the economic parts of SEATO, and the Indian General Cultural Scholarship Scheme; the Commonwealth aspects of these programmes are covered in this report.


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