E-Commerce and Digital Trade

A Policy Guide for Least-Developed Countries, Small States and Sub-Saharan Africa

image of E-Commerce and Digital Trade

This policy guide reviews the current regulatory frameworks, legal issues, empirical data, WTO member states proposals, and existing literature on e-commerce and digital trade. It is designed to help policy-makers in capacity-constrained Commonwealth small states, least developed countries, and sub-Saharan African countries to participate effectively in global work on the subject area, including in the context of the WTO work programme on e-commerce.

It also provides an overview of the international support mechanisms that are available to allow e-commerce to stimulate trade and economic performance, through technical assistance, capacity-building, and the facilitation of access to e-commerce by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, including small producers and suppliers in developing countries, and particularly in least developed countries.



Relevance of e-commerce for development and growth

A major challenge in defining e-commerce lies in its intangible nature and the rapid changes to the environment in which it exists (Krogman and Khumalo, 2016).


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