After Hong Kong

Some Key Trade Issues for Developing Countries

image of After Hong Kong

After the Hong Kong meetings in December 2005, what are the key trade and development issues that face developing countries in the closing stages of the Doha Round? Leading economic analysts, including Nobel laureate Joseph E Stiglitz, examine the detailed issues that developing country negotiators must understand. As always, the devil lies in the detail, and it is at the detailed level that the costs and benefits of trade agreements will be determined. Essential reading for policy-makers, government officials, scholars and students interested in the making and conduct of international trade negotiations and policy.



Aid for Trade

Fifteen years after the Washington Consensus, the world has come to acknowledge that free trade is not a magic wand. Trade may be necessary for sustained industrial development, but it is not sufficient. In the right circumstances, trade liberalisation creates opportunities for development, but other factors determine the extent to which those opportunities are realised.


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