ACP-EU Co-operation

Private Sector Development and Investment

image of ACP-EU Co-operation

This paper considers the Draft Communication on Future EC Support for Private Sector Development in ACP countries (DraCom), prepared by the European Commission (EC)(DG VIII), in light of the ACP Group Negotiating Mandate (GNM) of 30/9/98, and seeks to identify any areas of divergence between the two positions, or proposals by either side requiring further clarification and discussion, and to provide commentary for negotiators to consider. The paper also makes a number of suggestions for the preparation of an agreed action plan for enhanced, private-sector led development in the ACP countries, and of specific initiatives within the plan.



Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations

ACP should focus pragmatically on an action plan, and seek to determine content, funding and responsibility for implementation of each element. Future discussions should centre on the detailed programme content, the methods of implementation and practical actions; (3.1.4).


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