A Guide to the European Market for Medicinal Plants and Extracts

image of A Guide to the European Market for Medicinal Plants and Extracts

Despite the growth in the consumption of plantbased medicines and health foods around the world, the Commonwealth’s share of the trade in medicinal herbs and extracts is still small. This handbook is designed to help businessmen and women understand the working of the international market in medicinal herbs and extracts, to give them a better chance of tapping into this growing market. It contains information on markets and market trends, competition, regulatory issues including quality issues, production within the EU, processing methods, product profiles and useful contacts including websites.



Protected Plants

The issue of sustainability of supplies of medicinal plants is as important to the importer and manufacturer of herbal medicines as it is to the conservationist and exporter of the raw materials. Increasing demand for many wild harvested medicinal plants has led, in some cases, to over-exploitation and the virtual disappearance of such flora in selected locations. This has caused shortages to occur, prices to rise and steps to be taken by national and international authorities to control the export of such endangered plants.


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