Youth and Development in the Caribbean

Report of the Commonwealth Caribbean Regional Youth Seminar, Port of Spain, Trinidad, August 1970

image of Youth and Development in the Caribbean



Vocational Guidance in Developing Countries

The optimum adjustment of people to work (human resoures utilisation) depends upon many things: primarily, the productive resources available, or likely to become available; training facilities; the geography of transport and living accommodation; and other material factors. But it also depends upon how people think about work. If people do not know what needs to be done, or will not do it, or want to do things which they cannot do, then many will find themselves in work they cannot do well, or in which they are unhappy, or will be unemployed even when t here could be work for them, whilst the country will suffer from work done badly and without pride, or from the loss of national wealth when work which could be done remains undone.


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