Youth and Development in Malta

Report of the Commonwealth Youth Seminar, Valletta, April 1972

image of Youth and Development in Malta



Seminar Papers: Education and Training

I have been invited to talk to you about Education and Training, and as I stand before you I feel embarassed because I suddenly realise that this is a case where youth should be speaking and others - educationists, planners, economists, administrators, parents - should be listening to find out what is wanted for the present so that the future can be safeguarded. Doubtless you will have plenty to say in the discussions later on and so 1 dare to speak on, perhaps to pin-point certain problems or lines or development - certainly to ask questions, because I am not very sure that we know what we want - so that youth can tell us what it wants. Of course there are the usual answers - happiness, peace, love, a steady, interesting job, material possessions, spiritual and aesthetic satisfaction, knowledge and a measure of control of what is around us.


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