Youth and Development in Cyprus

Report of the Commonwealth Youth Seminar, Cyprus, April 1972

image of Youth and Development in Cyprus



The Report of the Seminar

The rate of social change in Cyprus is less rapid than that observed in many of the developing countries.The 1969 Meeting of Commonwealth Prime Ministers instructed the Secretary-General to examine the feasibility of a series of studies on the problems of youth. As a result, surveys were conducted in Africa and in the Caribbean, and these were followed by regional seminars held in Nairobi and Port of Spain, the reports of which were widely distributed. At their Meeting in January 1971 the Commonwealth Heads of Government noted with approval the Secretariat's activities in the youth field and agreed that such activities be expanded; they further decided that a meeting of Ministers concerned with Youth matters be convened as early as possible, “to review the whole complex of youth problems, with particular reference to the problems of unemployment”.


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