Young People at the Centre

Participation and Social Change

image of Young People at the Centre

“Youth participation” is a popular buzzword in today’s development lexicon. But when is it a practical instrument of development, and when is it mere window-dressing? What does it mean in today’s rapidly changing societies – participation in change itself? This lively and provocative book draws together a host of experiences and views on the subject, from agencies and individuals in diverse fields. Perhaps the strongest message that emerges is that youth participation can be practiced in any setting, on any scale. But it rarely is. This prompts some contributors to ask, are young people the last group in society to suffer “legitimate” discrimination?



Institutional Pathways to Empowerment

Mahatma Gandhi, while still a young leader, said ‘never underestimate the power of the individual to change the world’. While his own life was proof of this conviction, Gandhi, along with the other leaders of the Indian independence movement, dedicated most of his efforts to institutional and structural reform. Women and men who have ‘changed the world’ have done so through transforming institutions.


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