The Economic Cost of Violence Against Women and Girls

A Study of Seychelles

image of The Economic Cost of Violence Against Women and Girls

This publication provides a comprehensive framework – complimentary to those based on needs and justice – to assess the economic cost of VAWG. It applies an economy-wide modelling approach that enables governments to capture important linkages and secondary effects to assess the full impact of VAWG. The data gathered for this framework will be useful for countries when reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular, SDG5 and SDG16. Moreover, the data gathering process also provides an opportunity to assess the strength of the national statistical system, which is crucial to measuring progress across all of the SDGs in a manner that is both inclusive and fair. Seychelles is the first Commonwealth country where the framework has been applied using real country-level data and information. This book presents the process and outcomes of applying the newly developed framework and methodology to Seychelles.



Approaches to Estimating the Economic Cost of VAW: Literature Review

The literature review focused on issues relevant to the current exercise: first, to find methodologies recommended for a group of states or countries, since a prime objective here is to develop a Commonwealth tool; second, to look for methods where the problem of under-reporting violence against women (VAW) in administrative data or sample surveys, resulting in underestimation of the economic cost, has been addressed; third, to assess some recent trends in VAW relevant to economic cost estimates; and fourth, to find studies that have attempted to consider the value for money offered by measures to prevent VAW.


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