The Commonwealth Youth Credit Initiative Toolkit

The CYCI Toolkit is an innovative publication which will help governments, development agencies and NGOs to implement micro-credit programmes modelled on the Commonwealth Youth Credit Initiative. Its structure is sufficiently flexible to meet the differing needs of a range of users, presenting a menu of options that are adaptable to specific national and local circumstances.

The book is divided into four parts. The first part, the CYCI overview, is an introduction to the CYCI model which familiarises users with the major issues and practical steps involved in initiating a micro-credit programme. As well as defining basic terms and concepts and providing background information about micro-credit, it presents an overview of the enabling environment, and defines the roles of the various stakeholders. It also includes a comprehensive reading list and useful contact addresses. Part 2 gives the guidelines for CYCI implementation. This module presents an overview of the CYCI programme cycle, and provides detailed information about the steps to be taken in the earlier phases of the cycle. The third part, on management, monitoring and evaluation provides specific guidelines on the management of a CYCI programme. It presents an overview of the programme cycle, and provides detailed information about two specific phases: general management/loan disbursal/repayment collection, and monitoring/evaluation/reporting. It also includes information on designing the loan package and on general management of the programme. In Part 4, covering training resources, there are specific guidelines on providing the various types of training included in the CYCI model. This section is a trainer's guide to the provision of such training, and includes guidelines for the training of trainers and for the provision of training to the beneficiaries of the CYCI.