Special Health Problems of Island Developing and other Specially Disadvantaged Countries

Report of a Meeting of Experts, London, 21–25 January 1980

image of Special Health Problems of Island Developing and other Specially Disadvantaged Countries
This is the report of an expert group, convened to focus on the special health problems of island developing and other specially disadvantaged countries. The members of the expert group were invited to examine the problems and to make recommendations as to how they should most effectively be tackled, by individual governments, by regional groups of countries and by the Commonwealth Secretariat and other agencies, within available resources.

This report includes a list of the conclusions reached, a summary of the discussions, an introductory paper prepared by the Secretariat, papers prepared by participants who led the discussion on particular topics, and other papers contributed by participants.



Health Development Problems of Small States: The Design of Appropriate Health Delivery Systems for the Islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans

A health delivery system for small countries is proposed which is largely government-financed, without discouraging a modest private sector. It is proposed to be based on only a comparatively small central administrative core with progressive decentralisation and with the strength as far as possible at the periphery. Peripheral health workers of comparatively short training and modest educational standards, with community support and involvement, are the basis for the service at rural and peripheral urban level.


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