Migration and Development

Perspectives from Small States

image of Migration and Development

Over the past two decades, studies on the migration-development nexus often portray small states as one homogeneous group, ‘developing countries’, without considering their critical and peculiar challenges or inherent vulnerabilities, due mainly to their size.

This book explores key dynamics of migration and development in a small states setting. It includes case studies from small states in Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific that will help policy-makers to embrace migration as an inevitable phenomenon and devise policies that will maximise the benefits from migration at a minimal cost.



Temporary Migration Work Programmes in the Caribbean (Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago)

This analysis is admittedly narrow in scope. The authors do recognise the existence of a plethora of agreements, of varying degrees of formality, that allow temporary workers from one Caribbean island nation to engage in labour contracts, at least for a while, in another. Regional, intra-Caribbean programmes of that sort, though, are small in scale. They are not generally viewed, either by labour economists or in popular perceptions, as being at the centre of the region’s economic development project, as major forces propelling new highs in employment. They may advance the cause of Caribbean integration, but hardly that of spurring significant economic development.


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