Migration and Development

Perspectives from Small States

image of Migration and Development

Over the past two decades, studies on the migration-development nexus often portray small states as one homogeneous group, ‘developing countries’, without considering their critical and peculiar challenges or inherent vulnerabilities, due mainly to their size.

This book explores key dynamics of migration and development in a small states setting. It includes case studies from small states in Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific that will help policy-makers to embrace migration as an inevitable phenomenon and devise policies that will maximise the benefits from migration at a minimal cost.



International Recruitment

Current Trends and Their Implications for Small States

The mobility of skilled professionals is one of the salient features of present-day globalisation, due in no small part to global labour shortages in key sectors such as health and education. However, these flows are increasingly complex, as would-be migrants respond to shifting realities both at home and abroad in a dynamic and rapidly changing global economy. Furthermore, the mobility of the skilled is not always a straightforward process. On one hand, skilled workers around the globe are increasingly aware of opportunities abroad and are often able to communicate with migration intermediaries in real time, thanks to increasing access to the internet. On the other hand, skilled workers’ mobility may be constrained by lengthy visa processes, difficulties in attaining relevant work licensure or other qualifications in destination countries, abusive practices of employers or recruitment agencies, and deep-rooted austerity programmes in many traditional receiving countries that have hardened ‘anti-immigration’ stances and may limit opportunities for highly skilled and low-skilled migrants alike.


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