Human Rights in the Commonwealth

A Status Report 2010

image of Human Rights in the Commonwealth
Human Rights in the Commonwealth 2010 presents a survey of the state of human rights, as indicated by each country’s formal engagement with the main international standards and norms, across the fifty-four member countries of the association. For each country the report details the human rights instruments ratified or acceded to, together with information on the main human rights institution in the country.

The report also highlights key initiatives being taken across the Commonwealth to protect the human rights of persons with disabilities.



Regional Analysis of Commonwealth Human Rights Information

The country pages summarise information for each Commonwealth member in turn, offering a snapshot for each individual state. In 2010, data has been included on ratifications of the Rome Statute (for the International Criminal Court) and the Optional Protocols that relate to the eight core treaties that we have chosen to review. The graphs that follow offer analyses of country information, grouped by Commonwealth region: Africa – with 19 member states, Caribbean (13) (including Canada), Europe–Asia (11) and the Pacific (11).


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