Human Rights in the Commonwealth

A Status Report 2010

image of Human Rights in the Commonwealth
Human Rights in the Commonwealth 2010 presents a survey of the state of human rights, as indicated by each country’s formal engagement with the main international standards and norms, across the fifty-four member countries of the association. For each country the report details the human rights instruments ratified or acceded to, together with information on the main human rights institution in the country.

The report also highlights key initiatives being taken across the Commonwealth to protect the human rights of persons with disabilities.



Human Rights and Climate Change: A Commonwealth Perspective

The Human Rights Unit has published a discussion paper on human rights and climate change.4 It notes that in the debates on climate change, three key paradigms have emerged with regard to people and the environment. The first has as its focus the damage being done to the planet, which includes desertification and the increase in emissions of greenhouse gases. People are regarded as the perpetrators while the planet is the victim. The second paradigm acknowledges that people harm the planet, but also that people themselves are harmed by their results of their activities. It focuses on the impact of climate change on people and on the sustainability of their livelihoods. In the third paradigm the debate has started to focus on rights and responsibilities, particularly the impact of climate change on the adherence to and protection of human rights.


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