Gender Sensitive Approaches to HIV/AIDS

A Training Kit for Peer Educators

image of Gender Sensitive Approaches to HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is a development issue - affecting all sectors of society - economic and social development, education, public services, food security, to name a few. At the heart of this pandemic lies inequality between men and women. This training manual is a Commonwealth Secretariat initiative to mainstream gender equality into all government policies and programmes, as mandated by Commonwealth Heads of Government. It will be invaluable for managers and planners at different levels in a wide variety of organisations, helping them to identify the gender aspects of HIV/AIDS and to factor these into all policies, programmes, projects and activities.



Assessing the gendered impacts of HIV/AIDS on the different sector initiatives

Current policies on HIV/AIDS that target specific sectors often have limited positive impacts. The reasons for this are many - including insufficient efforts to translate these policies into effective community-based programmes. It is also essential to target other important units such as the individual, the family and community level institutions.


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