Gender, Peace and Security

Women's Advocacy and Conflict Resolution

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 recognises both war’s adverse effects on women and women’s important contributions to peace and security. Yet despite the resolution being passed unanimously over a decade ago, women are still generally underrepresented in formal peace negotiations and to date only 33 countries worldwide – and only 5 in the Commonwealth – have approved National Action Plans (NAPs) to implement the resolution.

Gender, Peace and Security examines women’s role in both conflict and post-conflict reconciliation. It describes how UNSCR 1325 provides support for women in peace-building processes and provides case studies of how it has been implemented in selected countries, including the benefits of NAPs and women’s involvement in their adoption. Essential reading for Ministers and senior officials looking to develop NAPs, or anyone with an interest in the role of women in international affairs.




During the 1990s at least 10 Commonwealth countries were engaged in armed conflict or war, the impacts of which particularly affected women and girls. Peace agreements were eventually reached in many of these countries, with women playing a critical role in bringing the conflicts to an end. In recognition of both war’s adverse effects on women and women’s important contributions to peace and security globally, the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed resolution 1325 in 2000. UNSCR 1325 urges governments not only to protect women from all forms of violence during armed conflict but also to support women’s participation at all decision-making levels for the prevention, management and resolution of conflict as well as expand their role in peacekeeping operations. It enjoins member states to develop national action plans (NAPs) or other national-level strategies to facilitate implementation of the resolution.


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