Gender Equality in the Commonwealth

Volume 1, 2017/18

image of Gender Equality in the Commonwealth

This report documents progress made by the Commonwealth's 53 member countries in promoting gender equality and women's empowerment. In doing so, it records Commonwealth countries' performances on available indicators covering the four themes adopted as priorities for Gender Equality 2017–2020 and beyond, endorsed by the 11th Commonwealth Women's Affairs Ministers at their 2016 meeting hosted by the Government of Samoa. These themes are: (1) Women in leadership, (2) Women's economic empowerment, (3) Ending violence against women and girls and (4) Gender and climate change.



Gender and Climate Change

This chapter looks at the relationship between climate change and gender in Commonwealth countries. The relationship is not simply a one-way relationship, with climate change impacting on different sexes in different ways or, more specifically, having a greater negative impact on women and girls than men and boys. The association between gender and climate change also encompasses the impact that women have had to date in shaping climate change policies at the subnational, national and international levels.


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