Gender and Health

Curriculum Outlines

image of Gender and Health
Women and men experience health differently and have different health care needs. Therefore all those working in the health sector, whether as decision makers, administrators or practitioners, require training to develop a gender perspective in their work.

The curriculum outlines presented in this volume are wide ranging, covering fifteen courses associated with health. Each course focuses on a specific topic and includes the aims, objectives, a synopsis, assessment and a reading list.

These courses offer health workers, at all levels, an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills to carry out gender based analyses of health issues. This aims to identify and eliminate the stereotypical attitudes, behaviour and approaches that lead to discrimination, thus moving towards equality and improving the health of both women and men.

The subject of gender and health is not simply concerned with learning facts, it is about acquiring a broad understanding of human relations and developing skills in the analysis of situations and the practical application of principles. This programme offers a unique opportunity for such learning. We hope that you may be enticed to study, or indeed teach, one or more of these courses.



Curriculum outlines

This course will provide an introductory framework for understanding the influence of gender on mental and physical health across a range of different communities. It will provide an overview of gender differences in patterns of health and illness as well as a set of concepts for explaining them. The relationship between sex, gender and health will be explored as will their links with other social and economic factors such as race and class.


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